Sunday, July 24, 2011

Over the weekend...

On Saturday Jordan and Jaclyn came up to visit us! We went berry picking after lunch (went for raspberries, but were VERY excited that blueberries were ready!!!), played at the park, had a nice dinner, then treated ourselves to frozen yogurt. It was such a perfect day outside and we did such nice things to enjoy it.

Saturday was kind of a late night, so Sunday we slept in a bit. Caleb made us crepes for breakfast. Savory: smoked salmon sausage w/ homemade salsa. Sweet: blueberry and raspberry with a tripple berry sauce. Gallie refused to eat either so she had a butter "pancake" with raspberries on the side :)

After breakfast we went to Whatcom Falls park for a bit and went for a mini-hike and played at the playground. Then after lunch we went for a bike ride. We needed a couple things for dinner so we biked down to the market. Gallie loves going there because they give out stickers. I love it because they have spritzers and chocolate macaroons :) It was a hot ride, but I'm glad we went. (And yes, we do wear helmets... the picture below is posed.)

After a really good dinner (Caleb is getting to be quite a chef! Before recently he could only make salsa and omelettes) Gallie and I headed out for a walk and Caleb headed out for Harry Potter 25 or whatever one it's at. I'm sorry, but you couldn't pay me to sit through it!!!

It was a great weekend and this week is going to be really busy - ballet camp starts tomorrow!!!

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