Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Party 101

Delicious treats! Cake, of course, and fruit salad are a great combo. Offer tea-juice as a yummy drink. And don't forget extra sprinkes to put on EVERYTHING!

Table setting. Choose a theme (Jungle theme is very popular!) and match your settings and decorations to it. Include place settings so each guest knows where to sit.

Treat bags! Fill to the top with treats and toys. Good suggestions are color sheets, markers, lip gloss, bracelets, or any other little toys you can dig out of the toybox. Decorate and put names on each bag to personalize them!

Guests. Invite friends of all shapes and sizes! But make the birthday girl (or boy, or lion) stand out and feel special.

Gifts! Bring a thoughtful present for the guest of honor. Use pretty ribbons to be fancy.

Enjoy the party!

And don't forget to thank the hostess for all of her hard work :)

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