Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was my 1st of 12 days off in a row! This hasn't happened for a very long time! Unfortunately Gallie is sick with a cold this week, but better now than when we're on vacation. Today was pretty quiet... but doing nothing at home is a million times better than doing anything at work! She's been inside for 3 days straight so I did take her to the library to get some new books and a couple new movies... she gets more TV time than normal when she's sick :)

This weekend we have my dad's birthday dinner and lots of packing! We leave Sunday morning for sunny 85 degree California - our barely 50 weather will not make me homesick! Here is our itinerary that I've had mapped out for 6 months:

Sunday - Arrive
Monday - Disneyland (character breakfast!)
Tuesday - Disneyland
Wednesday - Drive to San Diego, In & Out Burger, Beach, Old Town
Thursday - Legoland
Friday - SeaWorld
Saturday - Home

We kind of crammed a lot into a week, so we may forgo Legoland if Gallie is too worn out. I'm not sure if I'll post anything while we're gone, but I will try to get a couple pictures up... if not, see you next week!

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