Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday Meast!!!

A little story about how the name Meast came about...

One morning when Molly was living with us, she woke up and Caleb exclaimed, "Man, you look like a beast!" Then a few weeks later Cana, Caleb's sister, told her she had a manly voice. She was then called Man-Beast, which slowly morphed into Meast. Meast has stuck for about 6 years now. The little girls both call her bup. My grandma can never remember Meast, so she sometimes gets called Measley or Measle. Her childhood nickname is Deet, which my mom and dad still call her sometimes. People have also called her Molly McButter or Miss Molly. Man, what is it with my family and nicknames?!?

Anyway, Happy Birthday Meast!

And, just for fun...

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  1. Molly, Happy Belated Birthday! You have almost as many names as years you are old. Maybe you should come up with a new name each year on your birthday just to keep everyone confused. I vote for Sweet Molly for another name. :)