Sunday, February 20, 2011

Over the weekend...

On Saturday morning we took Callie to the Everett Children's Museum. It was a really good one... way better than Seattle. They had an AMAZING outdoor area, but it was pretty windy and cold. We want to go back when it's a little warmer because I think we would spend a lot of time out there - they even had an archaeological area where you could dig up dinosour bones! I would definitely recommend it for anyone with younger kids.

Down on the farm! There is a picture of me milking a cow, but it was too weird to post :)

Construction site used to build Rapunzel's tower.

Ferry Boat - be prepared to get wet!

They had a smoke'n hot connection.

Family light show!

After the museum we went down to Seattle to our friends' house. The guys took the little girls to the park for some bike riding while the big girls did a little shopping. I was in desperate need of jeans and luckily found a couple pair. When we got back they made us a delicious dinner and dessert. We headed home around 8:00, which was perfect because Gallie fell asleep after about 2 minutes in the car - she was exhaused from such a fun day!

On Sunday Caleb was gone most of the day judging a film festival. Gallie and I did some chores around the house and did some projects for her birthday. Her party was suppose to be 2 weekends from now, but Caleb has to go to New York spur of the moment and was suppose to be the butler. We decided to move it to next weekend so we only have a few more days to get everything ready. I'm trying to do a mostly homemade party this year, and I think everything is turning out really cute!

I am SO HAPPY to have tomorrow off! And tomorrow I will be posting a new video...

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