Sunday, February 6, 2011

Over the weekend...

All week we have been planning to go antiquing on Saturday morning. Gallie was pretty excited and even set out this outfit the night before - completely picked out herself!

We picked up Molly and set out. I was looking for little mismatched tea cups and saucers for the birthday party coming up. We ended up having more luck thrifting than antiquing. Gallie even found a stuffed animal baby Nala the exact same size as her baby Simba. She was SO happy! And it was only 25 cents!

Molly invited me and Gal to spend the night so we went over in time for a delish dinner. We've been working on party favors for the birthday so thought that would be a good chance to get them done. I need Molly's help because they had to be sewn... and I don't sew. After a quick lesson, I actually ended up doing a decent job on a couple of them. Mmmm... makes me hungry.

On Sunday Caleb had plans to watch the Super Bowl at home. He is not into sports at all... hmmm... excuse to sit on the couch all day? Yep, I think so. Gal and I decided to throw a party for the three of us so Caleb went to the store to get supplies and we whipped up some tasty snacks.

While Caleb was watching, we worked on Valentines for Gallie's class - They are having a party on Thursday. We decided to make them this year - she did a really good job - each one is definitely unique!

The weekend went by way too fast... can't believe it's Sunday night. The past few weeks have not been great food wise around here - I'm in a cooking rut. Tonight we actually made a menu of things that will be easy for work nights - and things we haven't had for awhile. The meals include Pesto/Mozz/Tomato Panini's (grilled cheese and spinach for Callie, of course) w/ fruit (and chocolate panini's for desert!), homemade tomato soup w/ rolls (I've attempted this before and it wasn't great, but I think I know what went wrong, so I will try again), grilled tofu noodle stirfry (callie really loves baby corns right now, so they will be in there), and baked toast w/ eggs and chopped tomato in the middle and turkey bacon/sausage. All of Gal's servings are altered a tad to gain the approval of an almost 4 year old :) She did eat a whole shrimp last week so we are making improvement!

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