Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scenes from Africa & India

Here are some pictures from Caleb's latest trip. The two main areas he was in were Kampala, Uganda and New Delhi, India. Gallie thinks he was there visiting the characters from Lion King (Africa) and Jungle Book (India). She thinks that Caleb had a run in with Shere Khan and hung out with Mowgli and Baloo - it's very cute :) And very exciting to her :)

He was actually there making a film about agriculture, health, and nutrition in third world countries. It will be used at a conference in February for leaders to talk about these issues. I think he will be attending as well. I am actually very interested in this stuff, and wish I could tag along, but don't have $4000 for a plane ticket :( I love all of these pictures. I hope everyone enjoys them as well - they are very inspiring.

Sugar Cane fields

The Swiss Alps

They have fireworks for most weddings in India.

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