Thursday, December 16, 2010

A couple things...

First, Gallie has been bringing home some very cute Christmas crafts including this baby Jesus in a manger! We have all of her stuff decorating our house and it looks very festive! And, she is officially on Christmas BREAK!

Second, here is a new sweater from Gram Jennie and a not-annoying-at-all Meowy Christmas wreath. It plays We Wish You a Meowy Chrismas over and over at a very high pitch. We love it so much - Thanks Gram! But the sweater is very very cute. She also got a white one to match that she is going to wear on Christmas.

And last, Caleb was a tad bit upset and offended over me calling his x-mas lights an eyesore. I had always thought the word meant something that was "wow" or kind of crazy. Here is the actual definition:

eyesore [ˈaɪˌsɔː]
something very ugly

Sorry Caleb.

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