Sunday, December 5, 2010

Over the weekend...

On Friday night we were all pretty tired so we went out to dinner then drove around looking at Christmas lights - one of our fav. things to do during the holidays! On Saturday we all had a date to see...

TANGLED!!! This was a much anticipated movie in our house! Gallie actually got kind of scared at times, but by the end, LOVED it! She talked about it all weekend.

When we got home she decided she wanted to fix her hair and put on make up so she would look like Rapunzel. Very pretty!

On Sunday morning we made Christmas cookies.

Then had to clean up the pound of sprinkles that ended up on the floor. It's nice that she's getting old enough to clean up after herself! Caleb could learn a thing or two from her...

That afternoon we went for a chilly walk to the park... it was so good to get outside for a bit.

Tonight we went out to look at lights again and found a really great neighborhood. Such a fun, relaxing thing to do before bedtime :)

*Here is something exciting Gallie's been doing every morning since December 1st!

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