Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pennies for Penny

This morning I took Gallie to the grocery store to cash in her penny jar. She loves the Disney store and decided she was going to spend it on a new stuffed animal. She ended up with $22!

It was such a nice day, so we spent it walking around town with Lily, Libby, and Molly. First stop was the little toy shop - very hard not to spend the money here! After that we let the girls go pottery painting. It was really fun... Gallie chose a little treasure box and it looked pretty when she was finished. We get to pick it up Thursday.
Painting worked up an appetite so we had grilled cheese sandwiches from a really delicious burger stand. Ok, ok... I did have a burger - it was huge and I ate the entire thing, plus fries! We walked around a little more and enjoyed the warm day. Then we stopped for a tiny cupcake treat!

Later in the afternoon Callie and I drove down to Seattle to pick up Caleb from the airport. But first we had to stop at the DISNEY STORE! It was quite overwhelming, but she decided on a tiny stuffed Lady (Lady and the Tramp), a tiny stuffed Donald Duck for Lily, and a tiny stuffed Penny (101 Dalmations). Her whole world lately has revolved around tiny stuffed animals :)

We are glad Caleb is home and he brought Gallie a Washington D.C. nightshirt and me a magnet, which are both becoming a tradition. Tomorrow we are relaxing and playing inside because it's suppose to rain all day. Movie day???

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