Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Tonight Gallie was in the bath and I was putting some laundry away (don't worry, I could see her!). When I came back in , she said "Look Mommy, CAT." I was shocked and had to stop to think if I had written it for her. She's been practicing her letters and does know how to spell cat, but has never put a word together by herself... with exception of CALLIE. I'm very proud of her!

She wrote all of HORSE by herself except for the "S"... which is a hard letter :) She is very interested in writing names and animals right now. She also has recently learned how to cut so spends a lot of time cutting things out of magazines.

I didn't feel like cooking tonight, so we went out! Notice the matching princess dresses! I swore I would never buy character clothing, but here she is wearing the dress and princess shoes. I also swore I would never go to Build-a-Bear... haha!

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