Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Working on my day off???

But at least Gallie got to come with me! I had a lunch meeting today (to discuss our company golf tournament Friday... nothing too serious) at Red Robin Hood and she was very exited to help me work. Everyone thought she was very cute!

It was kind of muggy and rainy in the afternoon, but still pretty warm. We wanted to be outside so we stayed under cover and played in the sandbox.

Then later had a tea party - She's a very good hostess!

The day ended with a trip to Build-a-Bear. I had received two coupons recently so we got everything for less than $10. She chose a light pink bear (her favorite color) with baby pj's and a purse.

After bath, we went for a stroll. Gallie and the bears (mom, dad, and baby bear) were covered and cozy in the stroller and I was out in the rain. It was actually very nice and peaceful. A good end to the day.

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