Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!

A couple months ago Callie and Caleb were wearing their Mickey Mouse t-shirts and Callie said she was going to get me one for my birthday so we can all wear them together. Caleb said a few days ago she asked him if she could get me one - I was so suprised that she remembered that. She was so excited about it. It was the sweetest gift I've ever got - I love it and am going to wear it ALL THE TIME!
As soon as we got home from work (poor me, working on my b-day!), we all put on our shirts!!! The 3 Mouseketeers!!!My mom made a delicious taco bar for dinner and peach rhubarb cake for dessert. I ate way too much, but I guess I was allowed to today.

Here are a few more pictures from camping that our friends sent us.

There are two things wrong with this picture: 1. Sandles with socks. 2. Can't tell where the leg ends and the sock begins.

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