Sunday, August 1, 2010


Caleb was away for a guys weekend, so Callie and I met our good friends from Seattle at their camp site for the day. Ady is 2, Callie is 3, and Ella is 4 so they all get along pretty well! We had so much fun - playing in the (freezing!) river and throwing rocks were Gallie's favorite. And we ate really good camp food - man can Greg roast a marshmallow! Next time I think we're ready to spend the night... maybe even two!The best reenactment of The Three Little Pigs I've ever seen!
Needless to say I had a very quiet, peaceful two hour drive home that night!

A couple more things - This was Molly's nightgown that my grandma made when she was little.
And this was a suprise that was waiting in the mailbox Sunday!

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