Monday, December 10, 2012


I'm not exactly a clean freak... but I do like things clean!  I thought I would share the things I use to keep our house clean and tidy!  I've been using all of these products for at least 5 years now and would NEVER change them - they work great and are all natural (with exception of the laundry soap), which is really important to me.

Bon ami - I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bon ami!  I use it to clean the sinks (kitchen + bath) and the tubs/showers.  I just use a plain, washable sponge and a toothbrush for most of my cleaning.  A bonus is that it's only like $1 a can, which is dirt cheap for a chemical free product!  (I've also tried their dish soap and it's not great.)

Borax and distilled vinegar - I use these in combination to clean the toilets.  Just pour in a little of each, let it sit for like 10 minutes, clean with the toilet brush, and flush!  It works REALLY well!  Plus it is also VERY cheap - the vinegar is like $1 and the Borax is only a few dollars and it lasts for months!  I use the vinegar for a lot of other things as well - it's a great all purpose cleaner.

Seventh Generation - I really, really love Seventh Gen. products.  They are expensive so I limit to only the ones I can't live without - the dish soap and the dishwasher detergent.  The dish soap is THE BEST and it comes unscented.  The dishwasher detergent is great as well and it's the ONLY dishwasher detergent I have found that comes unscented.  I really hate scented cleaning supplies :)  I've tried making my own dishwasher detergent a couple times and it's always a disaster.  If you use even a smidge too much it overflows with bubbles.  And if you use much less, it doesn't clean.  (Sometimes Fred Meyer has Seventh Gen. for 50% off so I stock up... like I buy 10 dish soaps - Caleb thinks I'm insane.)

Meyer's Clean Day - For a scented product, I really like Meyers.  I use the countertop stray on the kitchen counters - it also works GREAT on the stainless steel, which is hard to clean.  The price on this spray is not too bad.

Window Cleaner - I make my own, 1part vinegar + 2 parts water, and it works as good as Windex!  I also use it on the bathroom mirrors, the fireplace, etc.  CHEAP!

The Meyers hand soap is one of my favorites for the bathroom & kitchen sink (I also like Trader Joes).  The scents are not overwhelming and don't smell perfumy.  They are expensive, but again, sometimes Fred Meyer has them on sale so I stock up.  I always have extras under the sink :)

Method flushable wipes - These are my FAVORITE! of all my cleaning supplies!  I use them to clean the outside of the toilet and then just leave them inside to flush.  I also use them to clean the sinks and bathroom counters if I'm just doing a quick mid-week touch up.  I use to get them at Target, but they stopped selling them for some really dumb reason.  So now I order them from Amazon by the case :)  They aren't exactly cheap, but not unaffordable either.

Free & Clear laundry soap - Laundry soap is very expensive (at least I think so), so I usually buy the Purex free & clear because it's always on sale.  I know it's not all natural, but it is unscented and free of dyes.  It works really well, actually, and doesn't leave your clothes smelling gross like some detergents do.  I've never tried to make my own... I've read mixed reviews.

If anyone has any tips or really great products (or homemade products!), please let me know!

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