Monday, November 12, 2012

Slumber Party!

On Friday night our friends from Seattle came up for the weekend with their two girls.  Lily also joined in so we had slumber party with four little girls!  It was a pretty exciting night!*

Cookie making & decorating before bed!  With a big glass of milk, of course.

Time for bed, but not too sleepy...

A quick My Little Pony episode before lights out!  P.S. The nightlight (very bright hot pink!) in the corner was a gift to Callie from her Uncle Jordan.  She loves it and sleeps with it on every night - all of the other girls loved it too and are putting it on their Christmas list :)

*So it took the girls until after 10:00 to stop giggling and finally fall asleep.  Just as the adults are pouring a glass of wine to relax we hear Callie screaming upstairs.  We ran up to find that she had puked all over herself and all over Lily!  And not just a little bit... pretty much everything she had ate that day - it was pretty disgusting.  And poor lily!  She didn't wake through the screaming.  She didn't wake through me carrying her out of the room.  She didn't wake when I changed her PJ's.  And she didn't even wake when I wiped her down with a wet cloth!  She did, though, question why she wasn't wearing her own PJ's in the morning :)

Callie ended up being completely fine the next morning, thank goodness!

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