Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We had a great start with school... then it got rough... and now it's getting better.  She was so excited for the first day!  No crying, loved her teacher, made new friends.  Perfect.

The crying began the second week.  She cried at night and in the morning and when Caleb dropped her off.  One day she even grabbed onto him and wouldn't let go and then chased him to the door when he tried to leave :(    But even though, the teacher said the rest of her day goes well.  There is another girl, Sidney, that is pretty shy and the teacher kind of paired them together at recess - it turns out she lives in our neighborhood and Callie and her get along so well!

Last week she still cried in the mornings, but not the night before.  Her teacher said she is doing great during the day - outgoing in class, making lots of friends, and having fun at recess.  Sidney was even sick one day and Gallie informed me she played with Jessica, Olivia, and the two Mackenzie's!

Over the weekend she was really excited to go back to school.  The photo below is from this morning and Caleb said she didn't cry at all!  So I hope this will continue.  We are really proud of her!

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