Monday, November 7, 2011

Bellingham Fashion Week

Well, not really.  But on Sunday I was a model in a hair show for Molly's school!  She asked me to do it, and although it was definitely something that was out of my comfort level, I thought, what the heck!  And when she said I would be wearing Ruby Red, well that sealed the deal!  I ended up having a pretty good time!  Her theme was "natural colors" so she dressed me up as a deer.  She created a hair nest in the antlers and attached a bird and put eggs in the nest.  I've had super short hair for a long time so it was fun dressing up in long curly locks.  Molly definitely had one of the most creative headpieces and did a great job with the outfit and overall look.

Should I grow my hair out???

Molly at work... it took about 2 hours to do my hair!

Man were those antlers heavy!  I had a splitting headache after wearing them for over 4 hours!

Deer in the headlights.

Hi, I'm 10 years old :)

And now I'm 40!

This is so cute... Callie was so excited about this.  She honestly thought I was going to America's Next Top Model.  Her and Caleb got to come watch me walk the runway (in front of over 800 people!) and that really convinced her.  I think she was proud of me, which made me really happy.

It was a fun experience, but I can guarantee you won't see me modeling again anytime soon!  Molly did a great job and I think she's going to end up doing hair behind the runway at Paris fashion week or something!

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