Sunday, May 22, 2011

Over the weekend...

On Friday after work we went to the Jr. Ski to Sea parade downtown. Gallie had fun, but I have to say the parades in this town are very lame. I'm from a tiny town in Oregon and at least they would spend 5 bucks on a bag of candy to throw out! And at least they didn't consitute 5 people walking down the street in matching t-shirts as a parade float. Nonetheless, Gal did have fun :) And we're going to another one on Saturday!

Saturday turned rainy, but we had planned to go garage saling, so we went anyway. We found some pretty good deals! We got this dress for 25 cents! (she wore it Saturday afternoon and Sunday!)

And we got this vintage polly pocket for only 25 cents!!!

And of course we couldn't come home without a new "guy." It's name is flower - she names all her new guys flower :)

Saturday afternoon we played and did a bunch of drawing. This one is of fairies visiting Rapunzel at her tower.

This one Gallie made for me :) She's getting pretty good at her writing!

This is one I made - haha.

This is Ariel at her barn.

On Sunday we cooked! Caleb's favorite food in the whole world is salsa. He tried out a new recipe which involved roasting the vegetables - he said it was ok, but won't make it again. He'll eat it all though, don't worry!

After that he made crepes for dinner! They were very, very delish - crab stuffed for us and ham stuffed Gallie.

And then we had desert :) Mmmmm...

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