Sunday, January 30, 2011

Over the weekend...

Caleb had to work late on Friday night, so after dinner Gallie and I went to Barnes and Noble for a bit just to get out. I let her pick out a couple books but she ended up throwing a fit in the car, so she got them taken away :( Then that really set her off and she basically cried the rest of the night. I think she was even still crying when she fell asleep. So much for trying to do something nice :) She really doesn't act up very much at all... I think she's going through her pre-4-year-old phase.


On Saturday we took Gallie to get her first salon hair cut. Our friend Stephanie is going to beauty school and she is really, really good! Plus kids cuts are only $5!!! Gal really liked being in the big chair and it was pretty exciting to her.

And here she is!!!! She got a few layers in the front by her face and it looked so pretty with her headband! She would never allow her hair to be cut short because then it wouldn't look like Taylor Swift - we actually braid it most nights before bed so it will be curly the next day :)

After the haricut we wen to Great Harvest for some bread (and had the most delicious rolls for a sample!). And then we went to the library - our library has a pretty good selection of kids movies so we usually let Gallie pick out a few with her books. She picked 101 Damations II, which we watched that evening and she loved it!

Sunday basically consisted of the following:

After Caleb went to Seattle for a friend's birthday party, Gallie and I made some cupcakes. It was so cold out and we just felt like staying inside all day - cupcakes are always a fun activity.

Don't worry, this wasn't the knife we used to frost them :)

I didn't get all of my cleaning done last week so tonight I need to finish. Caleb worked like 80 hours last week so he's taking the day off tomorrow to spend with Gal. He actually has an hour meeting in the morning but is taking her with him - she loves going to his work because she gets to hang out in the movie room!

On another note... The main reason I am writing this blog is for Callie. I decided that I would document each year in book form so she can have it when she is older to look back on. I hope I can keep it up throughout her childhood so she will have something she can keep forever. Anyway, her "2010" book arrived the other day and it turned out great. I am happy that I've taken the time to do this for her. Too bad I never finished her baby book - hope this will make up for it!


  1. I think I am going to copy your book idea, Lacey! Where do you get them printed like that?

  2. I used one called Blog2Print ( - but there are a bunch of different places to do it. This one was the easiest option for me because they lay everything out for you. A lot of the other ones have you format it yourself. It's great that you started yours before Elliot was born - I wish I would have done that!