Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Libby!!!

Libby is 25 today!!!

Here are 25 fun facts about her:

1. Her daughter Lily AnnMarie Lange is 2 years, 1 month, and 4 days old today!
2. When she was little, she was obsessed with wearing chokers.
3. Shares a birthday with Kate Moss.
4. She should have been born French.
5. Broke her arm when she was little because all of us were trying to make her fall down when jumping on our neighbor's big trampoline - had a hot pink cast.
6. Is an LPN, but in school to be an RN.
7. Will soon make a ton of money as an RN, but could also make a lot of money being a tatoo artist, an interior decorator, or a greeting card writer.
8. Doesn't do things "by the book."
9. Isn't too great of a driver.
10. Is going to take Lily to Paris when she's 5.
11. Has traveled all around Italy.
12. Her house is the preferred place of choice for family gatherings.
13. Loves to shop.
14. Likes photography (especially of Lily).
15. Bought the same car as me cause she thinks I'm so cool :)
16. Had really, really, really long hair when she was little.
17. Likes chick flicks.
18. Has about 10 tatoos (or more... I don't even know).
19. Is obsessed with children's hair clips.
20. Favorite drink is Diet Coke.
21. Favorite childhood movie was Beauty and the Beast.
22. Is the youngest of 4, therefore, she was spoiled!
23. When she was little she wanted to be a baby doctor.
24. Believes you can class up scrubs by wearing heels.
25. Lily is her BFF!!!

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