Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Look what we woke up to this morning!

Gallie also woke up to a new nighty surprise from Daddy!

He is leaving on Monday for Africa so we ventured out into the blizzard (it was so so cold!) to get some things for his trip including jungle strenth insect repellent! Don't feel bad for him - he will be living it up in 5 star hotels and hanging out on the Nile. We are excited to see what he brings us!!!

When we got home it was snowing inside and out! I really don't care for the snow but Gallie was excited about it. It didn't snow last winter at all and the year before she was too little to remember. This year she can't wait to make a snow man and go sledding... but unfortunatley she was still a little sickies today. I still can't believe we have snow before Thanksgiving!!!


In the evening our good friend, Stephanie, who is in beauty school, came over to give Gallie her first haircut!!! She did such a good job and Gallie looks SO pretty! She cut about 3 inches off the back - it was getting pretty long. And gave her bangs a trim. It just looks so so good!

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