Friday, November 5, 2010

New Baby!!!

Just kidding! A number of people thought the surprise was that we were expecting an addition to our family.... but it's just a video :)

But's it's a good video! Last weekend I treated myself to a new flip camera and we took this during trick-or-treating. It has taken me all week to edit it (all by myself!) and figure out how to upload it, but I finally did it. And even though Caleb does this for a living, he admits I did a pretty good job.

Here it is!

Tonight Gallie had a sleepover at Bobby's (Lily) - Caleb and I went out to a fancy dinner and a friend's gallery opening. It was fun, but would have been more fun if Gallie was there - we missed her!

Caleb is going to Africa and India in a couple weeks so this weekend will be spent cleaning and getting some things done around the house... there may be a few fun outings planned as well :) Plus I took Monday off just because - 3 day weekend!

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