Sunday, September 30, 2012


Happy 80th Birthday Gram Jennie!  Tonight we celebrated with dinner and then Molly, my mom, and I took her out for a wild night at the casino!  Sadly it wasn't too wild because we were all out of money within half hour... but Gram Jennie did get herself a slow gin collins, so it wasn't a total loss :)  I wish I would have had my camera!

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet.  Caleb was in Whistler for a work thing and Gallie was a little under the weather.  We ended up breaking into my washi tape stash and found it has many uses:

Telescope for playing Go, Diego, Go.

Notebooks.  This was completely Gallie's idea and we probably made 50 of them!  We started getting creative with the cover and used photos, magazine pages, you name it!  She says we are going to sell them and be rich... haha sounds like me when I was little!  Anyway, she is very proud of them and I'm proud of her for making them :)

Hanging school art (I will have an update on how school is going later this week).

Making envelopes.

And this is what our living room looked like all weekend and what it still looks like as we speak.

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