Monday, August 6, 2012

State Park

Caleb has been in Alaska for the past week*, so we've been recruiting people to stay with us :)  Grandma D'j came up on Sunday and we took at picnic to the beach and explored the state park a bit.  It was really fun!  We walked around and played horses and found a little stage and put on shows :)  We also took a quick dip in the water and searched for sea glass (of course!  I'm so obsessed!).  Gallie found the best piece - a bottom of a bottle with the writing still engraved in it!

Sea Glass Art!!!

* PS I didn't mention above that Caleb is in AK on a fancy yacht eating fresh seafood for every meal, soaking in natural hot springs, whale watching, and on and on...  Uh, yeah.  This is his job.

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