Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Week

Last night we did our annual firework show in the street while it was still daylight - we just got a few little fireworks for the kids and they loved it!  Luca was quite a trooper but did get a little scared of "the unicorn," which let out a loud whistle at the end - poor guy :)  The best one of the night was the one that shot a million little parachute guys into the sky - it was pretty cool - even for the adults!

Caleb and I actually took this whole week off - we didn't really have any plans, but thought it would be nice to take Gallie to swim lessons each day and get some stuff done around the house we hadn't gotten too yet.  It has been SOOOOOO nice and I don't know how I'm going to go back to work after 12 straight days off!  And I am very proud of Caleb (AKA super work-a-holic) for not doing any film work - I know it's been hard for him, but he even admitted today that it's been really nice.  Tomorrow we are going to Leavenworth for a mini vacation and to seek hotter weather (although it's been extremely nice here the past 2 days!).

And since it's been so nice out, we've finally been able to walk down to the beach!

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