Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

We spent Saturday evening at Libby's house playing outside and coloring eggs!  The girls each colored about 6 eggs, which was perfect for them - they kept redipping them and redipping them and ended up with some pretty cool looking eggs!

We actually stayed the night so the girls could wake up a do their egg hunt together.  We did a really simple egg hunt and it was so fun!  We've really been trying hard to simplify and asking (sometimes begging and threatening!) friends and family to not give so many treats and presents to Callie.  I'm so glad we have been doing this because it was wonderful to see the greatfulness from her - it made me really happy :)

It's not a holiday without matching dresses!

Luca's 1st Easter!  He's so handsome :)

The weather was soooo nice this weekend!!!

Two pretty cool dudes.

Oh yeah... the girls got one more surprise this morning... bunnies!!!  Scarlet (Gallie's) and Josie (Lily's)!

Caleb and I have been talking about getting Gallie a pet when we move.  It's no secret I'm not really a pet/animal person, but Gallie asks for a pet daily and Caleb loves animals as well.  We decided on a rabbit because it would be easy for her to feed it by herself and take it out on the grass to play with it each day.  Caleb will do the hard stuff like changing the hay and cleaning the cage :)

Libby's neighbors have rabbits and chickens and the kids know a lot about animals so she was fully aware of what kind of resonsibility it would be, which was very helpful.  We decided Easter would be as good a time than any to get them :)  Libby is keeping Scarlet for us until we move.

The girls love them so much!!!

Happy Easter!!!

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