Thursday, June 24, 2010

Library via Bus

I've been trying to come up with different (and budget friendly!) things Callie and I can do on Wednesdays. Yesterday we took the city bus downtown to the Library. I had a free pass and Callie was free so we were off to a good start! This was her first time on any bus and it was pretty exciting - she chose to sit in the very back.

At the library we checked out 3 new books (one of course being Lion King - her new fav). She ate her snack in her stroller and we walked up to Great Harvest to stock up on bread. I got a free slice for my snack, which was delish :)

We walked back to the downtown bus stop. I scored another free bus pass when we were at the library, so our total trip was $0.00! Plus Gallie did something new she's never done before!

Fun day!!!

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